Jewish Women Say Me Too

She was a pretty girl, age 19 when the Holocaust began. And she entered the cave of a man who claimed Nazism as his god and offered her sexual servitude as a way to survive. My grandmother was always quiet about her experience, but I surmised the worst.

The me too campaign in Jewish culture was not only a recent trend in Jewish culture. Me too campaign is not a cause of untznius maidens frolicking on Kingston avenue. Rape culture is part of our Jewish DNA. It’s part of our mesorah.

Jewish vagabonds we wandered from country to country. All knowing the god who led us, but disgusting the people who met us, that taunted us, for our wives and our daughters that made us work the 7 years in lavans house. Until we became on top of our enemies.

And also the rapists who enforced the women to give them what they wanted. From the house of Acheshveirosh, to the house of Clinton, we Jewish women have felt what it means to be used, desired and cast aside, for a lottery ticket, a better deal.We have been raped, so that we must come together and say me too.

No more rabbis, politicians and singers will show us the way. We are one as Jewish women, we will overcome. We will thrive. “The crown of her husband” she will wear. We are that crown of dignity and we will reclaim our malchus, our royalty, so the men will hold up our crown of dignity and honor. Of truth. Of unity. We will rise up. Like the birds who have been preyed on only to speed above the seas and shine bright like a diamond.

Me too. Us too. We stand connected. Undivided. Together we are one.

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