Isolation – The Movie

Isolation – The Movie

Setting: the middle of my living room

Characters: My Mom & Dad, My Siblings, other close family and friends

Scene I-

aaaand action!

I lay on the couch watching YouTube videos on my iPad, ignoring that anyone else is in existence.
Listening to every word of the conversations going on around me, but with nothing to say back.
I hear voices, vibrations, decibels.
I memorize every single word in perfect sequence and still I’m alone.
It’s all there in my head.
Like 4 sets of Scrabble mixed up , but missing all of the vowel tiles.
All there, but no way to make sense of it.
I see the look of concern on my mom’s face. Her face is grimaced and she is worried.

Mom- “He has an unusually high pain tolerance, so when he is sick he is REALLY sick.”

Grandparent 1 – “Don’t worry, he’s tough as nails.”

Sister 1 – “His cough sounds bad…. Do you think it hurts?”

Sister 2- “He looks fine to me.”

Yes, it hurts. My throat feels like fire and every cough is fanning the flames.
I hate fire, it’s too unpredictable and scares me. Now it’s inside me and I hate myself.
My nose is stuffed and runny at the same time….how is that even possible?
My head is pounding (more than usual), my eyes can’t focus (more than usual),the noise and light is irritating me (more then usual), every bone in my body hurts and I have no way to help myself and no way to tell you how to help me.

(End Scene)

Scene II

Setting: snuggled in my
Mom’s bed

Characters – Mom and Me

Aaaand Action!

I see you crying. You try to hide it from me, but I see everything. I hear everything. I know everything.
I might find Barney the Purple Dinosaur entertaining , but I’m a lot smarter than anyone gives me credit for.
You cry for me.
You cry for you.
You cry for what could have been and for what will never be.
We’ve never had a conversation but, I know you.
You smile, you laugh, you entertain, you are the life of the party and the star of the show.
But, I know.
I may not have good eye contact, but that’s because when i look into your green eyes with flecks of gold and brown, I see your soul.
It’s too much for me to handle, so I have no choice to retreat and look away.
So, I see you Mom. Your pain is as raw as my infected throat.

Mom- (on phone) “Hi, could you manage to do carpool for me again today, my son is still sick?… ok I understand. No, I can’t leave him by the neighbor. No, he’s too sick to go with me in the car. It’s fine, I’ll call someone else.”

(Next call)

Mom- “Hey. Totally bummed I’m not going to make it for coffee, he’s still sick. I know you setup on your own, next time I will do everything. Thanks for being a good friend.”

(Next call)

Mom- “Hi. I’m really sorry. I’m going to need to reschedule this meeting. My boy is sick and he needs me…..
No, I don’t have a babysitter… I know and I assure you I take this project seriously…. yes, in the future I will try to plan ahead for things like this…. thank you for
und e r s t a n d (click, hung up on)

(End Scene)

Scene III

Setting: my mom’s friends house, around table having cake and coffee

Characters: my mom’s friend, her friends, other lady acquaintances.

3, 2, 1….Action!

Lady 1 – “Surprise, Surprise, she didn’t show up again.”

Lady 2 – “What a joke. I learned a long time ago not to depend on her. You call her a friend??”

Mom’s friend- “She’s a good person she just has her hands full.”

Lady 3- “So sad. I don’t judge her, I just pity her.”

Lady 1 – “don’t be so dramatic. Pity? Come on. Like she’s the only mom on earth that has issues? Get a damn babysitter like the rest of us.”

Mom, they just don’t get it. I know and you know, but they don’t. How could they?
It feels like fire ants when people touch my skin. You know that and you get it. You know the right way to touch me.
When I’m in sick you know it. I think you can actually feel it. No one on this planet could tell that I’m actually in excruciating pain. Only you.
When I look into your eyes I don’t need to use words. We ‘soul talk’ and you right away know what I’m feeling and what I NEED you to know.
You help me from the moment I wake up, shower me, dress me, feed me, help me in the bathroom, keep me safe from myself and go get me to sleep.
From the moment you open your eyes until you finally pass out from exhaustion, your main purpose in life is to keep me alive for another day. Everything else is secondary, including yourself.
I know you are lonely, and although I may never in this lifetime get to tell you in words, I love you.

(End Scene)

The End

Writer & Producer
13 years old
Diagnoses: Autism

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