Is There Meaning To Pain?

Sometimes the people who are the most loved ones in our lives are hurting the most, creating the worst pain deep in our heart.

But that is life… hate it or face it you can’t change it.

Not just I face it, I even love it at some point, I’m not sure why.

I wouldn’t beg Hashem for more, but somehow it’s the only way I can feel that I’m alive. If pain has a meaning I’m investing my life to find it. I feel life only with pain. It is sometimes even enjoyable to be miserable with a lot of pain, it makes feel life real.

Funny, but that is how I approach the struggle of being alive. How can we live if everything is smooth without sharp hits deep in our soul where it is touching the most sensitive points and give us a chill through our mind, body, soul?


  1. Stacey September 25, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Why is it a “struggle,” to be alive? We’re given challenges in order to grow and clear our souls, and learn lessons….If one believes in reincarnation, that our souls choose a family to be born into, in order to learn a collective lesson, then reflect back over family issues…Some families have lessons around money, some mental illness, some about love and compassion, some regarding incest, others around truth or honesty.
    To regard life as “pain,” is sad. We weren’t put on this earth to suffer. Everyday is a gift, the earth is a gift to mankind. Take care of yourself, love you, be there for you, if you can love your imperfections, and live your life with happiness, then accept others the same as you accept yourself, perhaps you’ll see life is meant to be lived happily, freely, and without guilt, shame or regret…..Your wealth is in your health! Physical and mentally.
    Happiness within creates happiness wherever you go in life!!!!!

    1. Albert Arnoni September 27, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      I wish I could wear your bright glasses right now, I’ll need to work on my self so it will fit perfectly!


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