In Your Ketubah

Did your ketubah lie on the wall
Of the room near where you took
Photos for your gay lover?
Did you have Friday night sex,
And picture me in her stead?
When you betrothed her according to the laws of Moshe and Israel,
Did you know you would make lies of your contract,
How many times have you taken men into your bed?
A rabbi, a man of Hashem,
You told me you were mine.
I believed I was yours, but I was just a pittance.
Two men taking the laws into their own hands,
Saying we can do anything,
We can make love anywhere we want,
We can make love on the kitchen table,
We could’ve been beautiful,
But you were already another’s many years ago,
Told me sweet lies, they made cavities in my ears,
Ate away at my good sense like termites,
I was hopelessly entranced,
Didn’t even see the writing of your signature,
Marking this as kadosh, separated,
Something not even the sparks
Of queer desire could penetrate.
You thought you could spit in my face,
I thought I’d let you.
Where does it say two frum men in love
Have to end tragically?
Oh yes,
It says it in your ketubah.

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