I’m Slowly Losing You

I wrote this poem recently, feeling disillusioned by the new status quo… fearful almost of the way our society has begun to interrelate. How we can be living with people but really nobody is home; how me, you and the next person can kill time on our phones that we can never get back; the sadness of contemplating that life may never have the authenticity it used to have.
So I sat down to write this poem. Because writing has this way of making you feel that so long as its all in words the world can continue going round…

I’m Slowly Losing You

Cant you see Im losing you
Im slowly slowly
Losing you

Youre on the other side
Of my wall
But you might as well
Be in a different world

You could even be
Right next to me
But youre in a completely different

Because you’re in cyberspace

Cant you see Im losing you
Im slowly slowly
Losing you

Your mind is chained
By a familiar demon
But youre completely dilluded
By whispers of freedom

And you continue
To slip away
Lurred by the tentacles
Of cyberspace
You lose yourself,
It’s a search in vain
To fill a void
You cant replace

Its one millisecond
And its one whole day
One little taste,
one more game
But its everything and nothing
Youre like an eagle in chains

Cant you see Im losing you
Im slowly slowly
Losing you

And even as your soul wimpers
To finally break free
To live beyond
Virtual reality
To live life
At its fullest
To see the world
To make memories
Fully present
To smile
At a human face
To try new things
And make mistakes

I still feel like Im losing you
Like Im slowly slowly
Losing you

And I’m afraid

To lose you

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