I Surrender

“I surrender to you, king”

because you are alive
and I am…not
you stand firm
and I do not

climbing every day
except the bad days
falling the whole day

“I surrender to you, king.”

because I’m not even sure which way’s up any more
maybe my bad days are my good days
maybe I’m better off falling.

“You returned my breathing into me”

I don’t know what this means
I don’t know what breathing is
is that when the air is spinning around me?

Or maybe that’s when I grab on the wall
and it spins inside me instead
does it really matter?

“in compassion”

returning in compassion
breathing in compassion
I’m not sure which is the truth any more
am I compassionate?
are you compassionate?
are we both not?

king — we should be able to agree
where is the compassion?

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