I Need To Be Seen

Last night was the end. I’m an older person. I’ve spent my life entertaining whether I wanted to or not. Relatives came to visit, where we live everyone comes to visit on holiday. But for us it isn’t a holiday, we work, constantly every day all the time.

I made a meal. Granted I didn’t home bake it all, no time to do that so most was bought, but delicious and paper goods chosen exactly to match the occasion. The conversation evolved around them, aside from our name, they don’t know a single fact about us or our lives. This is also a normal occurrence.

They left, no thank you. I checked to see they got home ok, I got a thumb up, no thank you.
And people will say – don’t expect anything ever, do it with grace, put your heart and soul into it.
And I’ve done that for many years.
But now just for once I’d like to be seen….. just to be seen.
Things don’t just happen, they are planned and made.
Every human being deserves acknowledgement just one simple word- thanks.

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