I Can Do This!

There’s something so freeing about skiing. Letting go. Flying. Allowing the wind to carry you. Across perfect white slopes. You feel like you’re soaring. You feel so vulnerable.

The first time I went down the slope I fell. It was scary to lose your balance like that and crash in the middle of a mountain. But I picked up my skis and carried on. Then again I went. And again. Each time I came to the end a huge smile spread across my face; I did it.

Life is about taking risks. Yet in order to succeed you need one thing: I can do this! Confidence is what allows you to fly. To fly down that magical snow-white mountain and know that you’re going to be ok, you’re going to finish.

Today, I took a leap of faith – literally – and ended with my two feet planted firmly on the ground.

If you trust yourself you can do anything. It’s ok to fall as long as you get up and keep going.

Always remember one thing: when you maintain your balance and stare straight ahead, smiling, you’ll reach your destination. Gracefully.

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