His Wedding

Cover up the wounds that kill me
Shoot me
I’m bleeding
I’m dead but you just cover up the words
Because rape
Has a terrible sound
Go to the wedding of a man who hurt me
Because supporting your neighbor is apparently more important than supporting
And protecting
Your daughter
I come to you at my lowest moment
When pain is mixed with shame
I tell you what he did to me
Stop meant nothing
I had no control
Your response is silence
It was a misunderstanding, you tell me
These things happen
To sluts?
Was I just a whore who wore shorts and turned him on?

Pick a side
Will you support your daughter
Who needs you now
Or will you support a rapist
On his wedding night


Note from Neshamas: If you are a survivor of rape or sexual abuse, you aren’t alone.¬† Call 1-800-HOPE (4673) or go to the RAIN website to find immediate help.

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