Help Us

We are single and we are sick of it.
We are happy and feel deeply fulfilled in our careers.
We are so sick of you setting us up with assholes. The guys you wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with let alone on a date with.
Stop setting us up with your only single male friend who you know is single for a reason.
Don’t try to get us to date your Litvish cousin by lying to us and telling us he’s Chabad.
Please stop trying to convince us to just try one more time with your pro-Trump, gun lincense wielding friend of your husband’s after we told you specifically we weren’t going to be okay with spending time with someone like that.
You want to help the Shidduch crisis?
Then help.
We can feel happy and fulfilled being single while also yearning to live in love and in harmony.
We are jealous of your romance story and honestly we are jealous of your sex life.
We love our single lives but also notice and accept that it has limitations in our family oriented culture.
Help us.
That’s all we ask.

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