Hashem – The All Knowing.

The storm that is my tears gathers at the corner of my eyes,
threatening to spill over.
I do my best to keep the salt water at bay.
The last thing my world needs is a torrent of sea water raging down,
its force destroying everything precious in its path.
But try as I might, the storm is beyond my control.
The waves break free and cascade down my face in a torrent of emotion.
The waters are so clear, yet reveal the deepest darkest parts of me,
the parts I would’ve rather kept hidden.
As the water rushes down, one can see me beginning to unravel.
All that has made me who I am now begins to undo the process.
I am a mass of emotions and memories.
Emotion so raw only one who can see the purity of my tears would be able to understand it.
But no one can see my tears.
They are invisible to all but one.
His thumb brushes across my cheek in an attempt to dry my tears.
He sees me, in all I was and in all I will ever become.
He knows me.
And when He comforts me I know He feels my pain.
For He is one with me.

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