Green Trees

Blue painted pink threatens the sea and the Forest grows louder, stronger, within her
as she is past around from saviour to saviour,
from cave within herself to cave.
Until she finds that peace is no longer from a place outside of her

That her brown
hair can be as long or as short
but there will always be this pain.

That she can reach and heal only if the recurring trauma within herself is able to breathe

Only if the pain is left behind in the schools hallway in Brooklyn
when the scars ever present on her body will be laid to rest
that life will no longer be the way she views pain.

That suffering will sit with her and leave her when it is ready to turn into a Forest made of both brown and green, mud and flowers, blue with pink

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  1. Esther November 13, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    That sounds so lonely. I hope she finds her peace of mind.


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