GD Revealed Himself To ALL

When we choose to believe the wilderness is a garden, is a journey, is a stream on consciousness, getting out of Egypt we are free throughout the topsy turvy spins of our trajectory

During the Seder the magic quotes from Daniel

“and I saw the vision, and the people who were with me did not see the vision (Daniel 10:7)

In our knowing parts we can accept Gd revealed Himself to Egypt. But R Nachman explains Gd revealed Himself to those who wanted to believe-jew or gentile- whoever pursued He of holiness

In the wilderness

Who ever saw


Whoever wanted to believe


Whoever wanted to experience the Divine

Experienced the Divine

Or we can say

Gd has not appeared to me. For this is the task of the tzadik to share his Torahs which are a reflection of his experience with the Divine

And those who refused to believe -gentile or Jew- did not live to leave record of their experience.

And as Gd fearers that is what we are here to do

To describe our experiences to those whose souls are still open

And to those who still yearn

For it says in Shaar Hapesukim Shemot that Gd took out a “nation from amongst a nation” a Jew from among Jews and gentile from among gentiles

For it doesn’t matter who we identify as Jew or gentile but what we get hungry for in the wilderness, for the light of Gd or for the narcotics of the lights of the big city

Jew or gentile within the soul of every inhabited person of the breath of Gd

We can decide to believe

If we choose to
if we want

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