Foresaken Treasures

My destination is calling me.
I’m in a rush.
So much to do, so little time.
It’s always one step forward,
Three steps back.
Will I ever make it?
I don’t even recall
Where I’ve been destined to go.
Sleep alludes me.
Lunch. Dinner.
Only my inner voice
My drive
Keeps me going –

I see along the path
Among dizzying of turns
a penny.
a nickel.
a dime.
A few quarters here and there.
Some have their heads up
Others down.
Some look worn and beaten
Others like they’ve slipped out.
From a wallet, a hand, a pocket.
Still a little shiny
Still a little bright.
I want to be the one
who changes the world
For each little coin,
To pass it on to
those seeking.

But there’s so much –
Too much
Rolling in my mind
Who knows where they’ve been
How clean and septic
How real and worthy.
I know I won’t know unless
I take the time
To bend on down and pick it up.
To brush off its corrosion
And discover the year it was minted.
Give it a chance to make something of itself.

But I’m tired myself
Worn out from my own trials,
The rust I’ve collected.
I’ve barely risen from that very ground
Can hardly reach my own success
After being dropped from pockets
And wallets and hands.
Over and over again.

So I trudge forward.
Respectfully bowing and acknowledging those lonely
Forsaken treasures.
I walk down the subway stairs
To the dark and dingy
From the fresh summer sun.
It’s humid and stuffy
And I’m still not quite sure
If my chosen
Temporary destination
is the right place.
My heart aches just a little.
I feel the pounding,
With the sudden wish to turn back around.
But I sense time is of the essence
As I hear the roaring of a train entering the station.
I swipe my card through
And tap my heels,
Then my toes
“Please, dear g-d,” I whimper.
“No more three steps back.”

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