Folk Tale At Yale

When I went to Yale
I didn’t know how to grind and move like a new Yorker
I chose to put on my cowboy boots and start dancing
To another world
Where I can move
And be with girls
As an extraordinaire of folk dance
Where I can spin a girl for hours
And then promise them a reality
Where I am together, fashionable and assertive
Where I can give them a ride for their lives
And have sex with them vicariously through the movements of their footsteps of me twirling them
Of me whirling them to the country beat
I am a man in these midnight hours
Where I can let go of my churning mind
And allow myself to move
What I didn’t realize was how much I yearned for a deeper connection from these girls that gave me their hearts through the music when I didn’t understand it was just a dance
And not a lovers exchange
Of heart and soul
And soul and heart
For dancing together lies the togetherness of one body
In perfect synchrony, why wouldn’t I think it would work
Forever in each other’s arms
If our feet moved together at the same pace to the same music for so long
Having felt deceived I vowed to never dance again
Until I could hold space for another before in bed
When I vicariously danced with my feet
At the country folk music fall dance at Yale

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