Fly Free Little One

They tell me
To teach you
That respect
Means obeying without question
That authority is always right

They instruct me
To shield you
From the world
To not let any information
Pass that barrier
To brush off your questions
Lest you have more

They warn me
That if I fail to do so
If I so much as pause
In my vigilance
The results will be disastrous

And so
I teach you
That respect is kindness
and appreciation
I allow you to make choices
I freely admit to my mistakes

I allow you
To soak in your surroundings
Naturally without fear
I answer your questions
And when you have more
I welcome the opportunity
To give you knowledge

I am hoping
That as a result
You will learn to always question
That authority
Can be gravely wrong sometimes

I wish for you
To always be willing to learn
And to never be afraid
Of new information

I want for you
To always be
As wild and free
As you are
Right now

I want your wings
To remain intact
So you can fly
And always remain
As Beautifully
As you are

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