Feminine And True

Craving to be feminine I seek. Around men, I have learned to become weak.

By continuing to match their power and divine condemnation of what it means to be free living in a modern world. What has happened to the tree of wisdom, to the women’s bosom?

Yes, I feel it is a good thing to do, but please believe me when I say I can too.

I can make money, I can be fit in the gym. I loved you in the morning but then I had to face up. I am a woman, who knew it would be so hard to do in a trying world where I was always challenged of what was and what wasn’t appropriately defined for bringing in the feminine divine.

Can’t wait to do what matters the most, give birth. The highest form of creative generosity to the world.

I want to go home and give the chance away. To Netflix and garbage food, I am so scared of being a woman aren’t you?

A woman’s hips, a woman’s heart . When it’s channeled, it’s the holiest thing to see a woman be true to herself.

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