Every Day Is Tisha B’av

Tisha Baav,
The saddest day,
Tears and emotions are now okay.

In groups or alone,
Tapping into the meaning,
Trying to understand galus is what they are acheiving.

For me, it’s not that way,
Today is like the reg, the norm,
Just with permission to be openly forlorne.

You see, for me,
Every day is tisha baav,
No need to go to Eicha to feel the pain,
I stare this in the face every single day.

So deep, raw, real,
Putting on a fake face is how I deal

Porn, Food, Career,
My escapes from the pain,
Numbing the feelings of hurt

So no, I’m not going to the speeches or the vidoes,
I live this every day
So today is your turn to join me
in my Pain.

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