Drug Of Choice

Always craved attention
Never knew true love
From his divorced parents
Who were so concerned with growing up
They didn’t know how to raise their own

A ballet dancer
He studied acting
Only to live a life of a perpetuated cycle
Of instability to teach and waiter
jobs that didn’t give a thrill
Like how he felt before a man
And before a camera

He struggled with faith
Bad roommates
Debt after debt
The struggle was never-ending

Until he stopped the Cycle
He maxed out in debt
On the one dream
That still survived the ups and downs
The rollercoaster of his life

It was film school
To write
To create
To believe anything was possible

When it came through the roof
He was alive
When his thoughts met the paper
That cuddled his imagination
That he had made vulnerable to so many
The paper was safe
He could trust it
Without it
the words themselves would run away

No he never gave up
And he never would
His thoughts on the paper that stood
Up for him
Protected his when he felt sad
And awakened him to what could be

O wasn’t life glorious
With the tip of his pen

And so he committed himself to his schooling
Night and day
He would be a solider
To those ideas that
Were so dear to him

And one day
His dream
Became so alive
Another swipe of his credit card
Was another swipe of a drug he was so used to having

Did it ever stop
He wondered
Or was it just a drug of choice?

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  1. Rai January 14, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Wow. Stunning.


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