Down In The Struggle

There seems to be a wisdom, a twinkle in the eye, a moment when a person knows they are selling out and selling themselves short. It’s an inner awareness that cannot be denied, it protects us from the edge, keeping us safe.

Yet we still remain down in the struggle.

Within that same awareness, that deterrent that stops us from falling into the abyss, is an understanding. A deep and scary intuition that we should really be walking away from the struggle. It identifies a higher path, with minimal drama and greater alignment. But here we are, within the insanity of it all, not even asking why. It’s as if G-d placed us here, to live in question, self doubt and pending regret.

But lets go on a journey, let the childish adrenaline and confidence rush through our cheeks. Lets ask why!

Let’s keep it safe and theoretical, but lets think what if.

What if the struggle can become real, what if it can count. What if it went places and moved the very substance of life. What if there was consequences and pride.

Really, what if?

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