I give you
You give me
The climax of the year
In sales
In relationships
The love language of giving gifts is what spurs
The spiritual life force
Of the entire year
At least in America that is
Where money fuels spiritual growth
As opposed to spiritual growth fueling money
What if my love language is quality time?
What of my love language is positive affirmations?
Well then I will be fueled not by the gift but the experience that gift bringing will bring
A sense of closeness
Of intimacy
With the I
Which will fuel the relationship
For the entire year
Or the love language of positive communication
Through the gift exchange of devotion and connection
For months to a year
Until the cycle repeats itself
For condition to inspire a conditioned response
That makes love conditional
For how long will we be consuming this cycle
Of codependent attachments to people and things
Why not illuminate connections that inspire joy and oneness without the bling
I can only hope in humanity

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