Depression is a b****
I dont get the luxury of being able to feel depressed
I have to work i have to hustle
Im all alone
In this fight for survival

Doing the simple things is hard
I do what i gotta
To keep us afloat
I have to force my self to shower
Doing my hair is a treat
I know it shouldn’t be that way
But i have no streangth for anything but the bare minimum

My bodys at work
My brain far away
My hand on my phone
It keeps me sane
Its helps me keep busy
Away from the pain

Its become an addiction
An escape
A way to run away
Not to face the shame
Anything not to think
Anything not to feel

At home too
It chases me down
Once the kids are in bed
It envelopes me like A cloud
Im sat here in bed
No energy to move
Now i can indulge
In my depressed mood

The (clean) laundry piled high
Dirty dishes on the table
The sinks full too
The bathroom needs to be cleaned
So much
Too much needed from me

My muscles all tense
I want to relax
But my heart feels tight
How will it get better
Survival is my thing

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