Dear Silent Survivors

To those that are silent
I hear you
Your voice is not only important if you share it
You are no less important if you don’t share it
Take the time you need
Having courage is also shlepping it around quietly
Wishing you can shout out your pain
But your words were wiped away
Along with your innocence
You’re left with heaviness
You are courageous
Not “still”
You just are

We’re here if you share
We’re here if you don’t
More “curious” questions
Won’t be asked or accepted
Your silence is so profoundly felt
Your experience matters
Whether or not you type words on a screen that go viral
You matter
Your story matters
That incomprehensible inner turmoil matters
The wanting SOMETHING To be engulfed in safety!

Sending your words out there
Into the wild
Would be letting go of the strength you feel by holding it so close to your sobbing being

Take care of yourself
Your heart
And all that hurts so much
All that yearning that you too could stand up
Even just make a sound
Instead of just your eyes sharing the horrors
You still wanna be heard
But how?

You feel the ache of wishing you didn’t wish so badly to wish you were that kinda brave..
Wishing you had the support to burst open like that
To not be ashamed of shame
To know your worth is beyond comparison to other survivors

We all heal at our own pace
We all share when we want to
If and when we can
When we’re ready
No judgement
You’re not alone in your silence
Not at all

You don’t need to come out
To be a hero
Every precious moment
Is heroic
You know that
Deep in your essence

Remember we’re here
if you choose to share
And we’re here if you choose
To continue holding on tightly
To that precious space between all words and letters
And between all tears
Sending comforting hugs if you want ’em

Whether it causes you to “go off”
Or stay on
Or stuck anxiously in between
Causes you to wanna build a healthy family
Or never ever create others
To be more active
To shut down
To graduate
To drop out
All of it
All the ways you choose to cope
To self destruct
That haunt you
And thrive.
Are worthy of true understanding
Your silence is worthy of understanding

Written (ironically) by a fellow silent survivor-
Please find the best healing path for you and your utterly precious self!

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