Dating A Talmud Chacham

We feel like a king and queen
When he dresses in a suit on a weekday
And rents a Lexus from his brother

Walking with him, I observe his ways
Of asking the right questions of what suit to buy
That he can bring happiness to Hashem in the best way possible
That mirrors his respect of GD on the holy shabbos

As we walk around the mall
He chooses to walk into the boutique shops
for the nicest belts and shoes that define divinity in the modern world

I felt like a queen watching him in action
And yet objectifying him at the same time
I felt scared of my grandizing his behavior to be on a pedestal
when I just wanted to be seen
For the queen within me
without the royal clothes that I bought at the store

Walking with him I felt the world look to us for hope
for the way we honor Hashem with our clothes and our embodiment of Torah values
that we took so long to develop
Since we both grew up as paupers of Hashem’s army

How glorious it was to feel like a rich woman among the thorns
Of my dirty past
And how every mitzvah led me to elevating myself so I can be worthy of a king

And that day when I was walking with him
in the narrowness of the dark stores that enticed us within to elevate,
I realized how truly blessed I am to be a servant of Hashem

In every way that I went
I was cherished as a queen
And soon to be married to a king

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