I generally live a positive life

I try to be a good wife, mother and friend

My career is devoted to helping those in need.

Selfless and genuine, I believe in a just world where good things can happen to good people

But then there is you

A filthy soul destined for unpleasantness

I curse your existence day in and day out

I pray to the Judge that you experience the heartache I feel

You will never have a good life.

You will never have a family.

No one will ever marry you.

You will never experience true comfort.

While you sit on the wealth of your father, you will never know what true richness or what nachas feels like.

I fantasize about plastering the streets with your name with the word RAPIST. Because that’s what you are. A rapist. An abuser. A misogynistic creep who deserves nothing but a life destined for rotting in a prison cell.

And in a just world, violent men don’t get to walk around the way you do.

If only your mother knew.

If only your father knew.

If only your friends knew.

If only your shul knew.

If only the naive women you prey on knew;

I pray for them. With all my heart.

For you though

I curse you

Curse your entire existence.

Blessed be the true Judge.

I continue to mourn the parts of me that you have killed.

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