Culprit To Cancer

A doctor felt he was born
To eradicate the disease of cancer
By blasting the patients
With the grandiose research of scientific design
And chemotherapy

“I’ll show them death is for the illiterate ”
As he pumped the finest
Literature at Columbia University
And coaxed the masses that cancer was curable when medical adherence was at bay
And acupuncture was used for kicks
Well, when he was proud of his funding to go to Africa abroad
To do research on HIV and breast cancer
his wife left him to his research and reclaim her citizenship to culture

All that human work made him feel more human and made him feel vulnerable in the African fields
Cancer was real and he was Not going to through life with the culprit lurking
“If it could happen in Africa, it could happen anywhere ”
He told himself

So he ran home straight from the airport with African photographs of some of his pool
Of patients who wore cancer amongst HIV as flags of hopelessness to the nats around them

Well, he could make it with money
And his work alone
Chugged out more research until he finally became so sick of himself
Sick of his lofty goals
His lonely bed
And even his sick stomach
That he catered his outdoor restaurant meals that he was suspect to on the upper west side
Until his sickness bred loneliness to the point where he was headed nowhere besides his office and the next plane ride to the next country

He ran back to his wife who still adorned her walls with his degrees as she allowed him in for tea. And to settle the acrimony.

He cried of the trauma he saw in the grasslands
The highlands
And by the sea

He moaned for the pain
He saw in those eyes to whom he could never see healed
No matter how hard he tried.
To find the right control
With the independent factor
It just didn’t work

His research was doomed
People were dying faster then he could chew

His next salary increase
All he wanted to was to return home

He begged
Even got on his knees
And so she cried

He shed tears part of his own demise
to his own recent diagnosis of cancer which hit him in his blood

His blood knew every course of action
Every choice
That was in front of him

And yet his only choice he had was to be with his wife to undergo further treatments
To undergo everything he made his wife undergo
Of tests and retests
As well as his patients
Who knew so well he was fooling them as their doctor
Since cancer had no cure
And he was the culprit of cancer fallacies
And cancer was the culprit to him

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