Crushed Daisies

When you are so far apart from me
Over the ocean, in a different time zone
I think of you, keeping you alive
In my head, in my world of daydreams

I can almost see you, imagine your face
Hear your voice and feel your hands
My head hurts from trying so hard
To keep your image alive so vividly

My heart hurts cause you don’t feel real
I am afraid you won’t ever come back
Leaving me alone to face my demons
Letting me down my destructive path

Crushed daisies cover the sidewalks
Barefoot I run with blood under my feet
In a world filled with ashes and smoke
You leave me alone in the wild

In a world once filled with dreams
So vividly vibrant with color and hope
Roads paved, rivers flowing, dew rising
It all melts away in a puff of smoke

You left me alone with my shattered heart
You meant everything to me
Apparently, I meant nothing to you
You go on while my life is cut short

Never do you turn back once to look
To face the destruction you left
You don’t think it is your mess to clean
You feel no guilt, no remorse, no regret

Playing on my merry go round of emotion
To you it was all a game
To me it was a maze of pain
To me it was real and raw

I knew you would betray me
I knew you would hop off
When the ride got too much
That I would be left spinning alone

For somehow I am always left alone
To spin in my circle of misery
On my lonely merry go round
My never ending ride, with dizzying speed

Round and round I go, spinning so fast
Till I see no more, till I can feel no more
While wearing a facade, I look so alive
Look into my eyes, see I am dead inside

Crushed daisies lie in a heap with dirt
Piled high on top of a grave, surrounded,
by smoke that dances above a life unlived
So much potential lost for she couldn’t hold it together that long…

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