Conartist For Hashem

to conartist is to take on a special portrait like those in the movies and bal Shem tov tales
That speak truths through the dichotomy of truths
So I take on the mirror of the person in front of me to refract the lesson from Hashem
Because I am just a conartist
Twisting my words and actions to reflect Torah practices
But not knowing that I have become an actor until I am no longer an actor no more
The conartist for Hashem I have become who fine tunes my art craft into emuna
Emuna that no longer needs to get emotional when things don’t go right or sugary when things go swell
Just keep plugging my conartist card that I neither belong to him or her just the part of me that wants to win and sell moshiach at its core
An ideal reality where the softer energy just morphs into a sum total of its parts
Which is the glory of Hashem and His trusted soldiers
The single moms like you and me who keep chipping away at the aleph beis until they bring total geula to their core. The ones who chose to marry Hashem and nothing less

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