Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me?
I’ve spent so much time leaning
On the very walls
That I feel like I’m talking to.
I can’t get through.
But this is me pleading
My heart’s still bleeding
As I ask you again –
Can you hear me?

I don’t know why I expect you
To be any different.
But my head’s hurting
From banging it on the wall.
Rationally, I know
That I’d rather
Bang my head on the wall
A thousand times over
Than rest it again on your shoulder.

Flip through these poems
These posts –
Which one resonates
With you the most?
Are you so thick as to think
That none are about you?
So arrogant as to think
That they’re all about you?
You may wonder and guess
But you’ll never know
And I’ll never confess
Because you never really knew me
Like you thought you did.
Like I hoped you did.

Flip through these poems
I dare you.
This is your call to action –
What is your reaction?
Will you be part of the fraction
That finally opens their ears
When they’re asked to hear
And listen?

Not for my sake
But before it’s too late
For your siblings, for your friends
I ask again –
Can you hear me?

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  1. Anonymous December 2, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    Sending love and continued strength! You are heard by me.


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