Can You Even Imagine?

Can you even imagine having a grandchild that you are unable to see? Unable to see because you couldn’t come up with the 350 thousand that the mother wanted to buy a house. Because it made the mother so angry that she wrote such angry vicious messages such as you will never see your grandchild.

It it my first grandchild. I think about her every day. I live an hour away from her.
I have been allowed to see her about 6 times since she was born.
I buy her all her clothes, her crib, her toys.

Her parents are now getting divorced and so I may get to see her more often. But it will be a nasty ugly divorce – one which only the child will suffer.
I was a child of divorce, I know that suffering.

I write an email to my grandchild every day telling her she has another set of grandparents and we love her. I wonder what she looks like, how she speaks, how she plays.
I pray for this nightmare to end.

When women my age talk about their grandchildren, I sit silently.

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