I’ve been bullied by members of this community. I’ve been bullied by my husband and family.

I remember 6 years ago I would receive telephone calls that a person on the phone would say leave. Go home.

I would get the phone messages phone text messages where I couldn’t call back. I finally learned how to trace the calls from ny phone so that the police could have a track record.

My husband would say extremely mean things to me. And would repeat things by repetition. It was sort of like being in a cult. But since I never was in a cult I can’t say. I do know that after a year of being verbally assualted by my husband and and those phone calls my mind became very messed up. I’m still hurting a lot from him.

I suspect that a lot of those awful phone calls were from the woman and the woman’s family and friends who know nothing about the verbal abuse my husband afflicted upon me.

Today my husband is “nicer” to me. But in my heart. I don’t feel he is sincere. As long as there are listening Devises in the closets and cabinets there is no trust.

Yesterday the speaker picked up noises from the neighbors bc of those devices. So that helped confirm some of it for me. I guess I need to go some more research on this. Figure out how to do this so I can find them and get the help that I need.

The fact is he committed adultery. The fact is he’s been going around saying I did the same thing which is a total outright lie and outrage. There has to be a way to get the help I really need. A way to be more than just surviving. A way that I can live without this silent type of hostility. A way to get him to stop lying about me and hurting me. Please help me. That’s one of my prayers. I need help and I don’t know how to get it. I don’t know who to trust. Who will listen with their whole heart and without judgement. It’s sooo difficult to know what to do.

I know the world is a great place overall I just hope there are sincere people out there who care and who can reach out. People who are full of emes and full of life and love. People who have beautiful Nechamas. Who are unique and amazing.

Your daughter

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