Breakable Hearts

She wakes up in the dark
To a crying son
Who calls her in her nighttime sleep
Because he wants her to sleep next to him
Afraid from the terrible darkness
That he feels
From living in his grandparents’ home after his mother
Ran away from his dad
Because of anger
That caused her to run to the arms
Of her friends who would nourish her back to healthy thinking
She knew she had gone too far when she saw an old boy friend and almost desired him
The way she desired her husband in the beginning
Before the outbursts
Before the punching in the wall
And before the unimaginable coca cola addiction
That cost him 3 root canals
And a crown
That never healed
Like his broken heart from his wife who he still called wife
Even she hardly cared to notice his improvements and his financial recharge
That he thought it would save anything like it did for his parents
When they used to fight about rock and roll and ying and yang
Why wasn’t it working for him?
He hated this new generation who was so selfishly considerate that they cared about no one except their impoverished ways
And this made him angry so he chose to listen to the news only to get angry so he chose to cook
Only to get angry so he went to bed
And had the same thoughts the next day.

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