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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time a bird was born. It was born into the cozy home of its loving mama and papa bird. Baby bird had a great time learning how to do baby bird things, like eat food, and open her eyes. Baby bird got bigger though, as baby birds do, and became a birdie. When birdie turned 5 years old, she got a sister. A new baby bird. And mama bird was very happy. And papa bird was very happy. But most of all, birdie was ecstatic.
Mama bird was not always happy though, even though she said she was. One day, when mama bird was going to lay her egg soon, she was flying birdie back from school, and she had to land on an unfamiliar tree. Birdie was scared, but she trusted mama bird. Mama bird started to cry. Birdie asked what was wrong. Mama bird said nothing, she was fine, and birdie knew mam bird was telling the truth. Because mama bird was her mama.
Later on, mama bird explained she had a “Panick Attac.” but she was ok, and that birdie did a great job. Birdie did not think much of it, because all she had done was nothing.
A few years later, when birdie was still a birdie, but a bigger birdie, she went to the doctor. Birdie liked the doctor. The doctor kept her healthy, and gave her stickers, and she wanted to be healthy, and liked getting stickers. Like always, mama bird came with her, as mama birds do.
This time, the doctor did something different. The doctor asked birdie if she could touch her in a place she had never touched her before. Birdie did not want doctor to do this, and was sure mama bird would tell doctor so. But mama bird said nothing. Instead, she sat there reading a magazine, as mama birds do.
Birdie was still a birdie, but something changed after that visit to the doctor. Now, birdie stopped making friends. She stopped liking school, as she did before. Birdie was sad.
One day, birdie told mama bird that she would like to jump off the branch house they lived in, even though she could not fly. Dying seemed the best new activity to do.
For some reason, mama bird did not agree, as mama birds do. She took birdie to new doctors, and for some reason, birdie did not want to go to see the new doctors. Birdie has been having scary dreams about doctors, and has strange thoughts about them, and whenever she went to the doctors, her feathers started tremble and her eyes teared up and her heart seemed stop and beat faster all at the same time.
But she did what mama bird said, because she trusted her, as birdies do. Birdie made new friends like mama bird wanted, and started to feel better. But she knew it was not because she had pretended to make friends.
Soon, birdie grew up, as birdies do. Birdie turned 12, and mama bird explained things would be changing, as things do. Birdies body changed, and her brain changed, although birdie did not realize at the time. Birdie also went to a new school with new people where every single bird in her class was a Jew and birdie loved it. Birdie loved it.
Soon, birdie grew up, as birdies do. Birdie turned 14, and had to go to a new school again. Birdie did not really care. She did not really care. Now, birdie was just bird, and she was older. And birdie did not care.
Mama bird started acting funny. Bird remembered when mama bird had a “Panicktack” and realized what it really was. Mama bird was sad. Bird remembered when she was sad, and had to help. Bird calmed down Mama bird, because she was her mama, and that was what she had to do. Everyday, mama bird was crying, and bird helped her calm down. Bird was taking care of herself, as birds do, and life was tough. Luckily, bird knew how to fly now, even though she was only allowed to fly to the tree next door. But at least it was next door.
The next year, bird went to a new school again, and realized that the last year was not gone and lived inside of her head and as hard as she tried she could not get it out and she was sad. Bird was sad. The stories that lived in her head were leaking into her life and she could not stop it and she cried and cried.
Bird loved the summer though, as birds do. Bird went to a camp, and bird made a friend, a special friend, and bird told special friend all about her life. Special Friend listened and said I love you and soon bird said I love you too but that’s a different story about bird and special friend and this story is about bird and mama bird.
Bird had trouble sometimes, as birds do. Bird learned that mama bird was not perfect even though she thought she was she thought she was.

Bird grew up.
As birds do.
She was now a mama bird not replacing her own mama bird
but joining her.
Mama Bird and mama bird had troubles, as mama and daughter birds do. But daughter bird was now a mama bird and mama bird could not be happier.
Bird realized that even though bad things might happen to baby birds, or birdies, or birds, or mama birds… they still have a choice. And the choice is all that counts.

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