Big Brother

Dear big brother,

Look who you left behind. Look at the people who are missing you. Look at the people who care for you. Look at the young boys who are now left without an older role model who they look up to and respect. Look at the laughter and play that is grounded by bitterness.  Look at the lives that have been shaken up by your decision and how now they have to carry on with a heavy stone in their heart. Look at what the trauma has caused them to become. Look at all the difficulties they are now faced with. Look how they are still smiling after such a loss. Look at their trust in god that everything will be ok.

Look inside. Deep within. Their pain and anguish that unsettles their day to day routine. Their cries at night for you to come back. Their useless screams to change the past. Their hope for a brighter future and their hard work to make it a reality.

They haven’t forgotten you. You’re still in their minds. And will forever be. Because you are a part of them. You gave them life and meaning. You showed them what’s right. You inspired them to continue to grow. You showed them perseverance. An older brother you’ll always be.

You’ll forever be missed, big brother.

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