Belated Mother’s Day

To the single Moms
I know you want to run
Run away from the disgustingness of your reality
From the little ones that call you home
You want to run as fast as you can
to run away from the pain
I hear you
I see you
I did the same thing
I hired babysitters to take care of my kids
So that I could breathe
And then I breathed too much and I felt ungrounded

And I went from guy to guy
searching for that grounding theory and that grounding bit
Until my son turned 4,
and had severe allergies that kept me at his bedside from night until day,
handing him tissues to blow his nose
and I have never felt so grounded in my life
to be able to give and offer the motherly care to
To the only one in the world
who needs it more then anyone else in the world

Know, mamas that you keep the world alive by those mundane actions,
by those trivial acts of nonsensical love that make the world churn.
Stop running away, because the love you seek is from your own.
If not from you, then your kids.
Happy belated Mother’s Day.
Because you are not only raising kids. You are raising yourself.

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