The letting go has come
Never had the orgasm I imagined
Where the girl ooos and ohhs
At the sign of her prince
Where she knew she was deeply connected to herself, to him
To herself mostly bc she knew how easy it was to escape
Her expressions in the moment
Her vulnerable voice that wanted to break through
From the mind to the heart and back again
And he just let go of trying to control the outcome. He let her have space to unleash the reins of the horse of life
To let go for the sake of letting go and let herself ride the man who bore her into a woman, not a girl anymore.
She let herself be wild
She let her instincts be instinctual
As the wild horse shaking its mane in the sun
It was time now for her
To feel pleased with the pleasure of not knowing
And his mouth on her
Because she felt loved so strong
She made noises that were running so deep
She made movements that demanded her partner to respond
Like she was a lioness
That she was a queen
And so she let go into the orgasmic rhythm of life
In and out
words spoken, grunts
She was flying
Because she learned to let go

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