Backstroke In Life

Freedom in the water
Is lifting your head to the open sky
As you do the back stroke
And extend each arm to the ceiling of the sun
Not knowing what lies ahead
As you keep looking to the heavens for guidance
For inspiration
For hope
And all of the sudden
In a minute’s notice
You grab hold of onto something with the back of your hand
That was the first to touch the waters of life and exit them
But when it touched that wall it finally realized it had something real
It was the wall
Of stability
Of stardust
That was finally at its destination point that you have been waiting for
That wall in the pool
Which starts
The lane of Tikkunim
And ends with longevity
And clarity
You were going
Forward in life
But it felt like a back stroke
And you were unsure and unclear but instead of turning your back
To look for the wall you just trusted it would come
As you looked at the sky
As you did the backstroke in life

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