Alone For Life, With A Partner

We met while I was working at a famous Jewish organization. I was there to help people with their spiritual practice. You were there to help shelter animals. You had a beard, and a hat on. I thought, “what a hot Jewish man.” You were Jewish. But the hat and beard were just there for aesthetic reasons.

We dated and I began to get more religious. Then you proposed and I said yes. Everyone was happy. I felt empty.

I thought our difference in religious observance would be good; we could learn from each other. But now, it feels like I am masturbating, while you still get to enjoy physical intimacy. I have no one to share spiritual intimacy with.. I wonder, what is the point in being in this relationship? Women are not commanded to have babies– men are. I can help you achieve your required mitzvot, though you don’t even know what they are.

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