An Adult Who Became Chabad

Grew up modern orthodox
Never felt the soul of Judaism
Until he gave what he had to others
Which was his tefillin
Which his great uncle
Gave him not too long ago
When he reached bar mitzvah
Why did he feel
Like he needed to go to business men in midtown
And spread that idea that G-d is one and G-d takes pleasure when a yid does mitzvoth

Who made him a rabbi,
when the yearly panned out when a semester in college was harder then he thought
What did it take to go all the way in religious observance when you had nothing
Except a mitzvah tank and a great laugh to keep the soul alive
Every time you put on tefillin
On a stranger
Why did mitzvoth become so natural to him
While sugar coating a accountant degree did not

A wife on board
I will be the best yid I can be
And make my living off that
Driving a mitzvah tank
Off spreading challah
Which my wife made,
Off the bread of my own table to inspire another Jew
To becoming a true servant of Gd
Like I have become
Through my actions of avoiding life in the rational sense

I’m sorry mom
Your son is thinking greater then what you call a degree in adulthood
I’ll let you know if I need Your help
Thanks for asking me. As an adult. Who is chabad

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