A Letter To My Therapist

I entrust you with my heart
What an intricate organ
You hold it in your hands
Healing it from pain
You take care of it
You treat it like gold
You have so much power
Over the way I feel inside
You never let me down

I want to come close to you
While you hold me in your arms
I love being your little girl
For you know how to heal
The child inside of me

You know all my secrets
Stuff I never dared to share
With anyone else but you
For you make me feel safe
You don’t judge, just listen
I know that you care
I have no clue why
I just know you do
My heart feels it

You are always there
Saving me from myself
Helping me navigate
My dizzying world
I will forever be grateful

I feel really lucky
To have you in my life
My therapist, my mentor
My teacher, my mother
My lifeline when I struggle
For every breath of air

I know that I am exhausting
Illogical and taxing
Childlike and demanding
But you still treat me
With kid gloves
For you see me
You see my heart
That no one gets to see

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  1. Rai October 12, 2018 at 11:54 am

    You expressed that so stunningly.

    Thank you for sharing that.


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