A Day In The EDU

it was 5 a.m
Beep beep beep went the vital machines
Dark skeletal figures in hospital gowns lined up by the nurses window to receive their meds
Breakfast was to start in two hours and every morsel of food on the tray was to be completed
No exceptions. No rumanizing.
The calories which crowded our meal trays were soon to be visible on our bodies
The unthinkable had happened!
All of us sitting there at the table,
Us! …
We who had each sworn off food at some point in our lives —
We’re now eating thousands of calories per meal
We would no longer be superstars in our own minds
Superstars for being the thinnest of ALL our friends
Superstars for competing against our own bodies over how long it could hold up without passing out
Anxiety over the blind weight system
The repetitive therapy groups that seemed to last for hours on end
Constant monitoring of our every word and action
the journals, the tears, the seemingly desperate screaming
It all felt like a nightmare
To be stuck in the very walls that focused on the demons inside my head
The eating disorder unit

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