A Convert From Penn

A fashionista
A convert from Penn
Slept with so many Jewish men
Never questioned Hashem
But wanted more from the mitzvoth too
Married an Aish guy until he revealed he was unstable like nothing was new
So she questioned Hashem
And asked for more to her spiritual plate
Became ultra chassidish and right wingish
She honored her husband through physically supporting his needs and opened up a 5 star company of credit card processing
Until she finally got a shocking call
Her husband had a drastic fall
A fall of the heart
That he could no longer stand
He died in an instant causing her to downfall
And cascade
In a whirl of survival
Of strength and spirit
She carried her children continuing her husband’s pride
Wearing her diamond ring she never showed a divide
Of still being married to her loving husband who has been since deceased
One year
Two years
Three years she was done
With the chassidic lifestyle of what it had become
Moved to the city of Lubavitch
To party And connect with people who didn’t judge but loved at best
One party two she was finally being set up with more men then a few
None of them showed respect to her kids as if they wanted to raise them as their own
So she kept searching for the one who would hone
Her kids like his
And her like his
Praying and praying she battled alone
And then one Purim day at a concert galore she turned her prayers into miracles when she saw him
How he honored her and wrote poems about her
Infatuation never seemed possible until he grabbed her kids with affection and devotion
His true chassid came out as a vehicle of chessed
She stopped guessing. She chose him for his undivided attention and romantic gaze. She thanked Hashem for the miracles that had occurred in her days.
A story of faith a story of perseverance. A story which can be told with the utmost importance to continue living with Hashem’s ways.
Never stop believing that you could be your greatest self in A couple of work days.
Keep on talking, she preached to a wide audience, because Hashem is real.
Keep guessing and your Betts will be revealed as true and nonsensical and everything in between. You got this my student, let her life be a lesson

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  1. Anonymous November 16, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    Habakkuk 1:2
    O LORD, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!


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